How do I look up a report as an admin?

Note: Admin features are accessed through the VeriCite LTI integration. You must be logged in as an admin user in the LMS in order to see the Admin tab in VeriCite.

From the Admin menu, select Report Lookup.

Enter the information for the report you want to view.

You may look up a report by entering any of the following:

  1. Paper ID: The paper id (i.e. submission id or confirmation number) provided to users when they submit a paper.
  2. External ID
  3. Site: The site id of the site where the paper was submitted.
  4. User: The username of the user that submitted the paper.

The paper id (i.e. confirmation number) is provided to end users when they submit a paper.

Or, (more likely) you may also locate the paper id from the details of a matching submission report.

If the student submission matches another student paper, you can view the matching paper information including the paper id, date submitted, institution, paper title, user id, user name, user email, site id, site title and assignment title of the source paper.

Click on the down arrow for the matching student paper and then select Details to view the paper details.

Papers from outside your institution.

Papers from outside your institution.

If you enter a submission id for a paper that is not from your institution, you will receive a message letting you know that it is from another institution and the paper details will not display.

The site id is the id of the course in your LMS.

The username is the user's unique identifier in the system.

If you don't already know the username, you can locate it by going to Setup and then Manage Users in the site where the user is enrolled.

Click Lookup Report.

Click View Report to view the detailed report for the desired item.

If there is more than one report matching your search criteria, you may see a list of several reports. You will also see the Paper ID, User ID, User UID (or username), First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Submitted date, Score, SIte, Site Title, and Assignment title for each report.

To print or save the report to your computer, click the print icon to the left of the paper title within the report.

The report will display in a printer-friendly format which can either be printed or saved as PDF.

To save the original paper submission to your computer, click the save icon to the left of the print icon within the report.

Note: The icon for saving the original file will only display if the submission was uploaded as file. If it was submitted using the copy and paste method of entering text, this icon will not display.