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How do I enable VeriCite LTI in my Blackboard course?

Your Blackboard administrator may have already added VeriCite as a system tool. If it has already been added globally, you may simply select VeriCite from a menu of approved LTI tools when adding content to your site. The setup steps below are intended for instructors adding VeriCite as a web link to a tool provider in an individual course. Allowing instructors to add a web link to a tool provider is an option that is controlled by your system's administrator.

Turn on Edit Mode in your Blackboard course.

  1. Go to Build Content > Web Link.
  2. Name the web link. You may name the link VeriCite or something that your students will recognize as the location to submit their assignments.
  3. Enter the URL for VeriCite:
  4. Check the box next to This link is to a Tool Provider.
  5. Enter the key and secret provided by VeriCite. This key and secret is unique to your implementation and will be provided when you subscribe to the VeriCite service.
  6. If you would like VeriCite grades to go directly to your gradebook, set Enable Evaluation to Yes.
  7. Choose Yes for the option Open in a New Window.
  8. Click Submit to save your changes.