How do I view and navigate my VeriCite LTI report as a student?

Select the assignment you would like to view.

Note: If your instructor has set up a link directly to the specific assignment, you can go straight to the assignment submission page from the course link, rather than selecting the assignment from the VeriCite assignment list.

From the assignment submission page, select the submission you want to view.

Note: You may have more than one submission on this page if you have submitted multiple times to this assignment. A new VeriCite report will be generated for each submission.

The report progress will be shown in the sources pane on the right side of the screen.

Each time a user views a report, the report is dynamically generated. Progress messages will display while the report is being compiled.

Once the report is ready, you will see a banner message that it has been generated.

External search pending notice.

When a paper is submitted, VeriCite scans for matching text in our VeriCite web-crawler database and in your private institutional repository. VeriCite then takes the top most advanced sentences from the paper and submits them to an external search engine for a third level of search. A preliminary report, based on the VeriCite database and your institutional repository, is displayed right away. If you see a Report Is Not Yet Complete Message, this means that the external search results have not yet returned and you will need to view the report again later to see all of the results. Typically, this only happens the first time a report is viewed.

The student submission text is shown on the left side of the screen.

Text is color-coded based on matching level.

  1. High matches are sentences which contain nearly word for word matches with source material. These sentences are highlighted in red.
  2. Medium matches are Medium matches are sentences which contain some closely matching phrases found in source material. These sentences are highlighted in orange.
  3. Low matches are sentences which contain a few keywords from source material. These sentences are highlighted in yellow.
  4. Text in light gray italic font has been excluded from the report.

The matching sources are shown on the right side of the screen.

The Top Sources for the report display on the right along with the correlating number of matching sentences in the report for each source. Top Sources are categorized into one of three source types: Student, Internet, and Journal matches.

Instructor comments are located at the bottom right of the screen.