VeriCite DocumentationUser GuidesBrightspace User Guide LTI Content Item Integration - Student ArticlesHow do I submit multiple files to a VeriCite LTI assignment as a student?

How do I submit multiple files to a VeriCite LTI assignment as a student?

Students may upload a zip file to submit multiple files to a single assignment at one time.

Note: There is a limit of 100 files, and 100MB total unzipped file size per zip file.

Click the Submit to Assignment button.

Upload your zip file.

Upload your zip file in one of the following two ways:

  1. Select and drag the file you would like to upload from your computer into the Drop & Drop File Here area.
  2. Click the Browse Files button to locate and select the file from your computer.

View and confirm the files to be submitted.

After you select and upload your zip file, VeriCite will extract each of the individual files contained in the zip archive.

  1. The file type will be displayed for each item in the zip. The file type is informational only, and cannot be changed from within VeriCite. (If you need to change the file type, please do so locally and then upload a new version of the file.)
  2. (Optional) Edit Title of the submission. The default Title will be the filename, but this can be modified by clicking on the Edit icon and then changing the title.
  3. You may click on the Delete icon if there are any files in the list which you do not want to submit to this assignment.
  4. Click Submit to submit all the listed files at once.

Note: You will not be able to review the text of each individual file prior to submission when you submit them as a batch.

View submissions.

Once the papers have been submitted you will see them listed in the submissions for this assignment. A new VeriCite report will be generated for each file. If your instructor has allowed students to view their own reports, you may click on a submission to view the plagiarism report.