New Canvas Plagiarism Detection Framework Integration Instructions

Canvas's new plagiarism detection framework is the preferred integration option for Canvas clients. However, VeriCite also offers a native integration (which is being gradually deprecated), and an LTI integration for Canvas, both of which are still functional. You may install one, or all three, integrations in a single instance of Canvas. Most institutions make the LTI tool available to system administrators so that they can access the admin features and reports via the LTI interface.

Go to Admin > Settings > Feature Options.

Activate the Plagiarism Detection Platform for your account.

Go to Apps.

Click on View App Configurations.

Click on +App

Select By LTI2 Registration URL from the Configuration Type drop-down menu.

Enter the LTI2 registration URL and click Launch Registration Tool.

The LTI2 URL for the new plagiarism detection framework is:

Enter your consumer key and secret and click Register.

Your consumer key and secret are unique to your institution and will be provided to you by VeriCite when you sign up for a trial and/or purchase a subscription.

Click Enable.

VeriCite will now appear in the list of installed Apps.