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How do I permanently delete a paper from the VeriCite index?

Note: Admin features are accessed through the VeriCite LTI integration. You must be logged in as an admin user in the LMS in order to see the Admin tab in VeriCite.

From the Admin menu, select Report Lookup.

Search for the report you want to delete.

  1. Enter the Paper ID to locate the report you would like to remove.
  2. Click the Lookup Reports button once you have entered your search criteria.

Click Delete.

You will also see the Paper ID, User ID, User UID (or username), First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Submitted date, Score, SIte, Site Title, and Assignment title for the report.

If there is more than one report matching your search criteria, you may see a list of several reports.

Confirm deletion.

Confirm deletion.

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. If you are sure you want to delete, click OK.  

Note: Papers deleted from the index cannot be retrieved. They will be permanently removed from your institutional index.