What are student paper matches?

Student paper matches are sources where the student submission for the assignment matches another student paper in your institutional repository. VeriCite reports limit the information shown in matching student paper submissions to ensure that FERPA and other privacy regulations are strictly enforced. Students will not see any identifiable student data or text for the matching student paper; they only see that a student paper match has been found. By default, the instructor of the course in which the paper was submitted has access to all of the user and submission details, but other instructors at the institution see only that there is a match and the paper ID of the matching student submission. Privacy settings may be modified by the VeriCite Administrator at the institution.

Student paper matches are indicated by the Student icon.

Click on the source to view the side-by-side comparison.

Matching text from the student assignment submission on the left side of the screen and (if you have permission to view the matching text) the student paper match on the right side of the screen will be highlighted for comparison.

If you do not have permission to view the matching text, you will see a message like the one shown here.

To view student match details, click the X to close the source text comparison view.

From the list of matches for an individual sentence, click the Details button.

Paper details will display.

Remember that users are only shown the details that they have permission to view. For example, students will not see any identifiable student data for student paper matches. Instructors will only see details for students in their courses by default.