How do I view instructor comments in a VeriCite report?

Instructor comments are located at the bottom right of the screen.

If there are long or multiple comments shown in this section, use the scroll bar to scroll down and view additional information.

Click on the expand/collapse arrow to toggle the Comments section open or closed.

There are two types of comments: report level and sentence level.

Report level comments.

Report level comments.

Report comments are overall comments about the paper as a whole. They are indicated with a page icon in the Comments section.

Sentence level comments.

Sentence level comments.

Sentence comments are attached to a particular sentence in your paper. They are indicated with a blue comment bubble icon. You will also see this icon within the body of the report next to any sentences which have comments.

Click on a sentence level comment to inspect the associated sentence.

When you select a sentence comment in the comments area, the sentence associated with the comment will be highlighted in the student submission text shown on the left.

Filter the report view to highlight only commented sentences.

If you want to view only the commented sentences in the report, you may select Commented Matches from the filter by match level drop-down menu and the report will highlight only the sentences which have comments.