Moodle LTI Integration Instructions

VeriCite offers both a native integration and an LTI integration for Moodle. The native integration works within the LMS's Assignments tool and is enabled as part of your Moodle installation. The LTI integration may be configured separately without modifying the Moodle code base or properties. You may install either or both integrations in a single instance of your LMS. Most institutions make the LTI tool available to system administrators so that they can access the admin features and reports via the LTI interface.

LTI Integration

An administrator can manually configure external tools so that they are available across the site. Adding VeriCite as an external tool allows instructors to add the LTI version of the tool to a course, as opposed to using it as an option within the Moodle assignments tool. The LTI interface is useful for system administrators, as it can be used to access the VeriCite admin features and reports.

As an admin user, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI > Manage external tool types.
  2. Click Add external tool configuration.
  3. Enter Vericite as the tool name.
  4. Enter the VeriCite Tool Base URL:
  5. Enter the Key provided to you by VeriCite. This key is unique to your implementation.
  6. Enter the Secret provided to you by VeriCite. This secret is unique to your implementation.
  7. Click Save Changes.