Moodle Native Integration Instructions

VeriCite offers both a native integration and an LTI integration for Moodle. The native integration works within the LMS's Assignments tool and is enabled as part of your Moodle installation. The LTI integration may be configured separately without modifying the Moodle code base or properties. You may install either or both integrations in a single instance of your LMS. Most institutions make the LTI tool available to system administrators so that they can access the admin features and reports via the LTI interface.

Native Integration Installation

You will need to register to use VeriCite within Moodle. 60-day trials are available; after 60 days, you must convert to a paid account or discontinue use of VeriCite.

This is a developer's walkthrough to install the VeriCite plagiarism detection service in Moodle.  This guide expects that you have a dedicated Moodle installation with Moodle cron enabled.

If you have any questions with this guide or would like to request a pilot, please contact

Source Code

Download the code and install VeriCite in Moodle.

You can download the correct version of VeriCite at

Alternatively, you can retrieve VeriCite from our GitHub repository:

cd {moodle_src_home}/plagiarism
git clone -b MOODLE_32-LATEST_STABLE vericite

Confirm that you now have the following directory available: {MoodleHomeDir}/plagiarism/vericite/

Enabling the VeriCite plugin

  • Visit the Site Administration > Notifications page in Moodle to trigger the upgrade scripts (Click "Upgrade Moodle database now")
  • Enable the Plagiarism API under Site Administration > Advanced Features: Enable plagiarism plugins
  • Configure the VeriCite plugin under Site Administration > Plugins > Plagiarism > VeriCite.
    • The API URL is:
    • Your account ID and secret will be supplied by VeriCite Support (
    • Make sure to enable "Use VeriCite Plagiarism Service".
  • Ensure that the plagiarism cron job is set to run. Site Administration > Server > Scheduled Tasks > VeriCite cron job to submit files. This should be set to run no less than every five minutes and can run every one minute. This job controls when papers are submitted to VeriCite.

Testing the Installation:

  • Create a course for testing and an assignment that allows File submissions.
  • Submit the assignment as a student in the course (View/grade all submissionss > Edit > Edit submission).
  • Reporting is done instantly: you should now see a report next to the submission text and attachments. Click "Similarity" to see the VeriCite report.


  • Scores are not showing up: There are several reasons this could happen during initial setup. Make sure you are running the latest plugin and that your account ID, secret and URL are set correctly. Next make sure your cron job is running. Finally, make sure it is not the score cache by either waiting 20 minutes or deleting the records in the "mdl_plagiarism_vericite_score" table.
  • Plagiarism cron job isn't firing: This could be a lock issue. For more information, read about how to fix it in the Moodle forum.
  • If you have any questions, please contact