What is VeriCite?

VeriCite is a plagiarism detection service that identifies potentially plagiarized or improperly cited text. VeriCite is most commonly used within a learning management system to scan student submissions. The service automatically checks submitted work against an ever-increasing index of online sources. VeriCite is available integrated into the Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai learning management systems, or as a standalone IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) service which can be integrated into any other platform or LMS that supports LTI. Our inspiration for creating this service was to provide our clients with an affordable, reliable plagiarism service that delivers reports instantly.

How does it work?

VerCite can consume student in-line submissions and submission files in most common file formats (e.g. pptx, html, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, ppt, doc, odf, etc.). It converts the student submission into plain text and excludes any quoted material from matching. The rest of the text is then compared for exact matches with existing source material. VeriCite uses string matching methods, along with a series of algorithms and scoring processes, to identify matching texts. A final report is presented to the user highlighting different levels or amounts of matching per submission. There is an overview score as well as a side by side comparison of the matching text and sources.

VeriCite reports are created on demand every single time you click to view the report. This means that there is no waiting for the report; all reports are delivered instantly. Reports are also non-static. If a student submits a paper and gets a plagiarized score of 0, and then another student in another class submits the same paper, then both reports and plagiarism scores will update to 100 to show that they have plagiarized. This dynamic updating can help prevent cases where groups of students or paper mills share the same paper.

All submitted papers are indexed in a completely encrypted form then stored securely in a repository that is specific to each subscribing institution. Additionally, the institution maintains full ownership and control of their repository materials.

Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai Integrations

The Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai integrations work within the native Assignments tool in the LMS. When enabled, the VeriCite service appears as an additional option in the assignment settings when instructors create an assignment. Assignment in-line submissions and file attachments are automatically submitted for plagiarism review when students submit the assignment. Reports are delivered within the Assignment interface immediately after submission. If desired, instructors may allow students to view their own reports.

Optionally, the LTI integration can be used in addition to the native integration in Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai. The LTI tool provides access to administrative features and is typically used by system admins to run reports.

LTI Integration

VeriCite may also be installed as a separate LTI service. The LTI open standard makes it compatible with most learning management systems available today (e.g. Blackboard, Brightspace, etc.). The LTI service allows instructors to create assignments, to organize student submissions and grade assignments. Grades entered into the LTI tool are automatically sent to the LMS Gradebook.

LTI Integration

How can I get VeriCite?

VeriCite is a cloud-based service to which institutions subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. Upon subscribing, you will receive a key to access the service and the required documentation for setting up the service in your LMS. VeriCite pricing is based on institution FTE (full time enrollment).

For more information including a demonstration and pricing schedule, please visit our website: https://vericite.com/