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How do I access VeriCite administrative features?

VeriCite has administrative features that allow admin users to run reports, view statistics on usage, modify privacy settings, look up reports, and masquerade as users for diagnostics purposes. All of these features are accessed via the Admin tab in the VeriCite LTI integration. If your institution is using the native integration within your LMS assignment tool, you will want to create at least one VeriCite LTI assignment link in a location where your system administrator has access. This VeriCite LTI assignment does not need to be available to students. Any admin user accessing the VeriCite LTI assignment will be able to view the Admin tab and run system-wide reports from that location.

Note: If you need help creating a VeriCite LTI assignment in your LMS, see the following related articles: How do I configure VeriCite as an LTI tool? or How do admin users access VeriCite Admin features (in Canvas)?

Log in to your LMS as an admin user.

Select the VeriCite LTI assignment link.

Click on the Admin tab.