How do I create a VeriCite LTI assignment?

From the Assignments drop-down menu, select Manage Assignments.

Click Add new assignment.

Enter assignment information and save.

Enter assignment information and save.

Enter the following details for your assignment:

  1. Assignment title
  2. Points possible
  3. Due date
  4. Instructions
  5. Add attachments (Optional)
  6. Choose whether or not you want to exclude quotes as the default for this assignment. (Excluding quotes is the recommended default setting in order to avoid false positives.)

Then, click the Save button at the bottom to save your assignment details.

View assignment.

Once you have added your assignment, it will display in the Assignments list.

Edit assignment details.

If you need to make any changes to the assignment details, click anywhere in the row for the assignment to select it.

Edit Quicklinks

Alternately, you may select the Quicklinks gear icon and then select Edit to edit the assignment.

The Edit Assignment screen will appear.

The Edit Assignment screen will appear.

Update title.

To update the assignment title only, click on the title.

The title field will allow editing.

Update due date.

To update the assignment due date, click inside the date field, or on the calendar icon immediately to the right of the date field.

The calendar will pop up so that you can choose a new date.

Click on the new date to select it.

Update time.

To update the assignment time, click inside the time field, or on the clock icon immediately to the right of the time field.

Select the new time from the drop-down menu.

Delete assignment.

Click on the Quicklinks gear icon and then select Delete to delete an assignment.

Confirm the assignment deletion.

You will be prompted to confirm the assignment deletion. Note that any existing papers for this assignment will not be deleted. Instead, they will be moved to the "None" assignment category.

Click OK to confirm and delete the assignment.

Return to Overview.

Click on the Overview option in the Assignments drop-down menu to return to the landing page for the VeriCite LTI. You will see a listing that displays the Assignment, User, Submission, Date Submitted, Report Score, and Grade for each user in the course.

The instructor will see all students in the course. Students will only see their own submissions. (If the submission status and due date is shown in red, that indicates that an assignment is due soon or is overdue and the user should submit right away.)

Filtering and sorting.

You may filter the list to view items by Assignment, User, or Status drop-down menus. You may also sort by any of these items using the Sort drop-down.