How do I run reports as a consortium admin?

Consortium admins can run reports to view statistics for the consortia to which they belong. These statistics display the consortium activity as a whole, as well as individual member institutions. Member institutions of a consortium have agreed to share their private institutional repositories with other members of the same consortium.

Note: Your institution must have already opted in as part of a consortium in order to see consortia report options. To request the creation of a new consortium, or to be added to an existing consortium, please contact Also, keep in mind that Admin features are accessed through the VeriCite LTI integration. You must be logged in as an admin user in the LMS in order to see the Admin tab in VeriCite.

From the Admin menu, select Statistics.

Notice the Consumer drop-down menus on the Statistics screen. These menus only appear for consortium administrators.

Select a Consumer from the drop-down menu.

The Consumer drop-down menu will list all of the member institutions, as well as the All Consumers and All Consumers Total aggregate reports.  

Select All Consumers to view aggregate statistics for all consortium members, separated by institution.

The pie chart displays the overall ratio of member data. Also, notice that the member institutions are represented individually with different colored bars on the bar chart.

Select All Consumers Total to view combined statistics for all consortium members.

The pie chart displays the overall ratio of member data. However, in this view, the bar chart represents all members combined together for a total number.

Select an individual institution to view statistics for that consumer only.

You may also select any of the institutions individually to view statistics for an individual consumer.

Select an Event.

You may choose any of the following events:

  • Active Users in last 30 days: Once a week, the active users in the past 30 days are calculated and recorded.
  • Average Report Score: The average report score for all reports in your instance shown in the intervals selected - 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day.
  • Comments and Annotations: When an instructor or TA adds or modifies a paper comment or annotation.
  • New Assignment: A new assignment has been created in VeriCite.
  • New Course: A new course has been added to VeriCite.
  • New User: A new user has been added to VeriCite.
  • New User Context: A user has been added to a course roster.
  • New User Paper: A paper has been submitted to VeriCite
  • Paper Scored: A Vericite similarity score has been recorded for the first time or updated.  
  • Score Distribution: VeriCite report scores are broken up and tallied in 10 percent increments. You can choose the following date spans: past 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 1 year.
  • View Report - All: The number of reports viewed by any user.
  • View Report - Student: The number of reports viewed by students.
  • View Report Match: The number of matching sentences inspected in a report by any user.

Choose the desired Intervals.

Click Submit.

The statistics will display.

Download All Statistics. (Optional)

You may also download the statistics as CSV file if desired.

  1. Select the consumer from the drop-down menu near the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the Download All Statistics button.