What do the report colors mean?

VeriCite reports indicate different levels of matching text within sentences. Sentences are classified on a scale from Low to High level match depending on the number of matching words found within the sentence. Low level matches may contain only a few key words, whereas High level matches are typically word for word matches with the source text. The matching sentences are then added up using weighted calculations for the different match levels to determine the overall report score.

Levels of matching text within a sentence are classified as:

  • Low  (highlighted in light yellow)
  • Medium-Low  (highlighted in yellow/orange)
  • Medium  (highlighted in orange)
  • Medium-High (highlighted in orange/pink)
  • High  (highlighted in pink)

In addition, sentences containing instructor comments are highlighted in blue.

You may isolate and review any of the match levels within a report using the interactive highlight legend.

Interactive Highlight Legend.

The report displays matching text highlighted in the colors noted in the legend at the bottom of the report. You can click on any of the match level boxes to view the highlighted sentences for that level only. Clicking again on the same highlight level toggles the display back to the full report.

Note: Excluded text is shown grayed out and in italics.