How do I configure VeriCite as an LTI tool?

The exact configuration settings will be unique to your VeriCite account. However, the following general guidelines may be followed in configuring the VeriCite LTI.

Edit the LTI configuration settings.

The location of the configuration settings may vary depending on your software. You will also need the appropriate site permissions to access and update the LTI configuration settings.

Enter the required tool information.

Enter the required tool information.

Note: The example shown above is for illustration purposes only.

VeriCite will provide you with the following information when you activate your trial and/or production instance.

  • Remote Tool URL
  • Remote Tool Key
  • Remote Tool Secret

Enter this information into the appropriate settings area in your LMS.

Allow roster information release. (Optional)

Allow roster information release. (Optional)

You may also enable the following parameters related to your course roster. These settings allow VeriCite to auto-populate the class roster, instead of having the instructor do it manually.

  • Send Names to the External Tool
  • Send Email Addresses to the External Tool
  • Allow the External Tool to retrieve the course roster

Save your settings.

Once you have entered and saved the information above, the VeriCite LTI tool should be active for use in your site.